About Aaluminum Sheet & Wire Supplier

Aaluminum Sheet & Wire sells raw, painted, anodized aluminum sheet metal (clear and coloured) or sublimated  (clear and white), aluminum coil, aluminum wire and aluminum foil to distributors & manufacturers of equipment, aluminum windows, boats, fences and specialty products.

Aaluminum Sheet & Wire sources our metals from the world’s leading manufacturers, including Alcoa and Novelis.

Many of our customers are in the technology and engineering industries. We provide aluminum metals for solar applications, radiant heaters made from it, and heat-treated coils to labs working on battery replacements, including Apple’s Ipad!

Our inventory also includes cut-to-size pieces that artisans use creatively to produce jewelry, paintings, sculptures and watches.

Aaluminum Sheet & Wire stocks and supplies a wide range of wire gauges,  anodized sheets, painted foil and coloured coils from popular alloys to provide our customers with an easy purchase experience. We also have large inventories, which means we can get your items delivered quickly and in the quantities you need! If something specific isn’t on sale here, just let us know—we’ll do what it takes to find what you are looking for.

Contact us if you need any quantities of surplus anodized aluminum sheets.

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More about Aaluminum Sheet & Wire


Aaluminum is a leader in manufacturing coil and sheet material for lighting reflector and louver products. Whether it is specular, semi-specular, or diffuse finishes, Aaluminum can meet any of your specifications for LED, fluorescent, UV, radiant heat and various other reflector designs.

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Anodized aluminum is widely recognized as the ageless, durable, recyclable material for today’s classic culture and tomorrow’s innovative design. Anodized aluminum is widely recognized as the ageless, durable, recyclable material for today’s classic culture and tomorrow’s innovative design.

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Aaluminum is a leading provider of decorative interior and exterior finishes for transportation trim components. Our bright, brushed, satin and patterned surfaces provide lightweight corrosion protection and flexibility in design. These beautiful anodized aluminum finishes can be used for multiple decorative applications.

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Aaluminum participates in a broad range of markets that utilize the beauty of anodized aluminum over other traditional metal products. The metallic appearance of an anodized product is a finish that cannot be achieved on coated products. Anodized aluminum can be used for the following:

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Canadian Surplus Aluminum Metal for manufacturers, construction projects and automotive service.

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