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The aluminum industry is booming. Thanks to the metal’s light weight and versatility, aluminum is being used in an increasing number of industries, from construction to automotive manufacturing.


Aluminum suppliers play a vital role in the aluminum industry supply chain. They provide the raw material that manufacturers need to produce finished products. To be a successful aluminum supplier, one needs to have a good understanding of the market and be able to source high-quality aluminum at competitive prices. You also need to have strong relationships with manufacturers and other suppliers in the industry. Here are a few reasons why we’ve  become a top aluminum supplier in Canada and the USA:


  1. Understand the market. We Keep up with industry news and trends so we know what manufacturers are looking for and where the market is headed. This will help us to make informed decisions about what types of aluminum to stock and how to price them.


  1. Source high-quality aluminum. Manufacturers rely on suppliers like us to provide them with quality raw materials. We make sure we only stock premium aluminum sheets, aluminum coil, aluminum foil and aluminum wire that meets industry standards for quality. This will help manufacturers produce high-quality products that meet their customers’ expectations.


  1. Build strong relationships. Good relationships with manufacturers and other suppliers are key to our success in the aluminum industry. We work hard to build trust and respect so that people want to do business with us.


  1. Offer competitive prices. Price is always a factor when manufacturers are choosing suppliers. We make sure we’re offering competitive prices on the types of aluminum that manufacturers need. This will help us win more business and keep our customers coming back.


Aaluminum Sheet & Wire provides raw, painted, anodized (clear and coloured) or sublimated (clear and white) aluminum sheet, coil, wire & foil to aluminum distributors & manufacturers of equipment, aluminum windows, boats and fences. Aaluminum Sheet & Wire sources aluminum from the world’s leading manufacturers, including Alcoa and Novelis.

Aluminum Sheet & Wire is dedicated to client gratification by delivering the right material at the correct dimensions and on time.

To meet this quality standard, attention must be paid to supplier evaluation, customer communication and processing.

We provide anodized aluminium sheets for sale and aluminium coil for solar applications or thick Aluminium foil for packaging companies. It never ceases to amaze us. We also offer aluminium wire to research labs working on replacing batteries-including Apple’s Ipad. We are proud to provide aluminum to many artisans who use their creativity to produce jewelry, paintings, sculptures and watches. In some instances, we can cut to size.

Additionally, we are a leading online aluminum supplier to vehicle manufacturers, nameplate manufacturers, engravers and metal fabricators. We strive to bring our customers high-quality aluminum metal products to a cross-section of sectors. Regarding innovation in aluminum, remember our name.. Aaluminum Sheet & Wire and buy from a supplier you can trust. We cater to selling to aerospace, automotive, transportation, industrial, building and consumer markets. We supply our products locally online in Toronto and Ontario.

Unlike other websites, all items available are clearly listed on the following pages:

Aluminum sheet for sale

Aluminum foil for sale,

Aluminum coils for sale

Aluminum wire for sale 

Prices are based on full lot quantities offered for sale. Any additional work, such as slitting, providing sheets from the coil, or providing a smaller portion, is at an additional charge.

In order to help you, if you are interested in any of these items, please provide DETAILED INFORMATION, including complete address information, the quantity(ies?) you are requesting a quote on and detailed specifications about the item (s?), including alternate thicknesses and sizes (the more flexible your request is, the more likely we will be able to assist you).

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