Aluminum Wire For Sale

Alloy/Temper Description Price / Sheet (cdn) Price / Sheet (us) Order
1050H18 .125 DIAMETER/8 GAUGE (50 LB COILS) 10000 LBS $3.50/LB $3.00/LB Place Order
1100 .035 DIA (1 LB SPOOLS) 63 LBS $3.50/LB $3.00/LB Place Order
1100 .072 DIAMETER/13 GAUGE (20 LB SPOOLS) 600 LBS $2.30/LB $2.00/LB Place Order
1100 O TEMPER .081 DIAMETER/12 GAUGE 350 LBS $2.30/LB $2.00/LB Place Order
1100 O TEMPER .125 DIAMETER/8 GAUGE 500 LBS (36 X 35 LB COILS) $5.75/LB $5.00/LB Place Order
1100 O TEMPER .032 DIAMETER/20 GAUGE (2 X 65 LB SPOOLS) 130 LBS $5.75/LB $5.00/LB Place Order
1100 O TEMPER .102 DIAMETER/10 GAUGE 1000 LBS (30 X 35 LB COILS) $4.60/LB $4.00/LB Place Order
1100 O TEMPER .125 DIAMETER/8 GUAGE 950 LBS (100 LB COILS) $3.50/LB $3.00/LB Place Order
1100 O TEMPER .187 DIAMETER/ 5 GAUGE 1076 LBS $3.50/LB $3.00/LB Place Order
1100 O TEMPER .064 DIAMETER 2000 LBS (15 LB SPOOLS) $4.60/LB $4.00/LB Place Order
1100 O TEMPER .064 DIAMETER (60 LB COILS) 100 LBS $5.75/LB $5.00/LB Place Order
1100 O TEMPER .093 DIAMETER 500 LBS (30 LB COILS) $5.75/LB $5.00/LB Place Order
1100 O TEMPER SALE PENDING .040 DIAMETER/18 GAUGE (2 X 95 LB SPOOLS) 180 LBS $3.50/LB $3.00/LB Place Order
1100H16 .064 DIAMETER/14 GAUGE 600 LBS $3.50/LB $3.00/LB Place Order
1100H18 .113 DIAMETER/9 GAUGE 169 LBS $2.30/LB $2.00/LB Place Order
1100H18 .072 DIAMETER/13 GAUGE 2000 LBS $2.30/LB $2.00/LB Place Order
1100H18 .062 DIAMETER/14 GAUGE (20 LB SPOOLS) 2300 LBS $3.50/LB $3.00/LB Place Order
1100H18 .120 DIAMETER/8 GAUGE 300 LBS $2.30/LB $2.00/LB Place Order
1100H18 .120 DIAMETER/8 GAUGE 313 LBS $2.30/LB $2.00/LB Place Order
1188H14 .079 DIAMETER/12 GAUGE (25 LB SPOOLS) 5264 LBS $1.65/LB $1.50/LB Place Order
1188H18 .067 DIAMETER/14 GAUGE 180 LBS $2.30/LB $2.00/LB Place Order
1199H18 .059 DIAMETER/15 GAUGE (5 LB SPOOLS) 592 LBS $5.75/LB $5.00/LB Place Order
1199H18 .092 DIAMETER 165 LBS $2.30/LB $2.00/LB Place Order
1350H18 .063 DIAMETER/14 GAUGE 108 LBS $3.00/LB $3.00/LB Place Order
1350H18 .078 DIAMETER/12 GAUGE 298 LBS $2.00/LB $2.00/LB Place Order
1350H18 .143 DIAMETER/7 GAUGE 205 LBS $2.30/LB $2.00/LB Place Order
1350H18 .188 DIAMETER/5 GAUGE 60 LBS $4.60/LB $4.00/LB Place Order
1350H19 .125 DIAMETER 1000 LBS $2.30/LB $2.00/LB Place Order
1350H19 .105 DIAMETER 2000 LBS $2.30/LB $2.00/LB Place Order
4043 .035 DIAMETER 16 SPOOLS (1 LB SPOOLS) $46.00/BOX $40.00/BOX Place Order
4043 .024 DIAMETER/22 GAUGE (1 LB SPOOLS) 70 LBS $3.50/LB $3.00/LB Place Order
4043 .047 DIAMETER/17 GAUGE (1 LB SPOOLS) 656 LBS (452 + 505) $1.65/LB $1.50/LB Place Order
4043 .030 DIAMETER/21 GAUGE (1 LB SPOOLS) 1032 LBS $1.65/LB $1.50/LB Place Order
4043 .035 DIAMETER 563 LBS (1 LB SPOOLS) $2.00/LB $2.00/LB Place Order
4043 .040 DIA./18 GAUGE (1 LB SPOOLS) 133 LBS $3.00/LB $3.00/LB Place Order
4043 .040 DIA./18 GAUGE 5 TO 15 LB SPOOLS) 482 LBS $1.65/LB $1.50/LB Place Order
5005H19 .090 DIAMETER 5000 LBS $2.30/LB $2.00/LB Place Order
5052H18 .187 DIAMETER/5 GAUGE 218 LBS $2.30/LB $2.00/LB Place Order
5052H18 .242 DIAMETER 39 LBS $4.60/LB $4.00/LB Place Order
5052H32 .093 DIAMETER/11 GAUGE 2502 LBS $2.00/LB $2.00/LB Place Order
5056 O TEMPER .080 DIAMETER/12 GAUGE 4000 LBS $2.50/LB $2.65/LB Place Order
5056H32 .088 DIAMETER/11 GAUGE 948 LBS $2.00/LB $2.00/LB Place Order
5056H38 .135 DIAMETER/8 GAUGE 158 LBS $2.00/LB $2.00/LB Place Order
5356 .040 DIA./18 GAUGE (1 LB SPOOLS) 215 LBS $3.30/LB $3.00/LB Place Order
5356 .035 DIAMETER 16 SPOOLS (1 LBSPOOL) $40.00/BOX $40.00/BOX Place Order
5356 .035 DIAMETER/19 GAUGE (1 LB SPOOLS) 1457 LBS $1.65/LB $1.50/LB Place Order
5356 .047 DIAMETER/17 GAUGE (1 LB SPOOLS) 1083 LBS $1.65/LB $1.50/LB Place Order
5356 .094 DIAMETER/11 GAUGE (5 LB SPOOLS) 25 LBS $4.00/LB $4.00/LB Place Order
5356 .030 DIAMETER 133 LBS $3.00/LB $3.00/LB Place Order
5356 .063 DIA 70 LBS $3.00/LB $3.00/LB Place Order
5356 WELDING WIRE SOLD! .030 /21 GAUGE DIAMETER (1 LB SPOOLS) 608 LBS $3.00/LB $3.15/LB Place Order
5554 .048 DIA. 319 LBS (20 LB SPOOLS) $2.00/LB $2.00/LB Place Order

Aluminum wire is the metal of choice for many applications due to its durability and strength. The lightweight makes it perfect in some cases, like wiring ceilings or art moulding. At the same time, other tasks require a softer material, such as electrical transmission wires, which are made from aluminum.

During the Age of Enlightenment, it was established that this earth, alumina, was an oxide of a new metal. The Discovery of this metal was announced in 1825 by Danish physicist Hans Christian Ørste

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