3 Ways To Up-cycle Your Aluminum

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Aluminum and drinks

Whether you have leftover aluminum scraps from your most recent home improvement project, or you have some soda or food cans you want to re-purpose—your up-cycling options are endless.


Aluminum is a metal that is 100% recyclable. Whether you have leftover scraps, sheets, wire, foil, or coil—they can all be recycled at a local recycling plant. Larger pieces may have to be dropped off directly, but smaller pieces can be placed in your standard recycling bins.

Donate To A Local Artist

If you have leftover coloured, clear, raw, or anodized aluminum, reach out to a local artist who can put your excess to good use. Keep in mind that many artists create intricate works of art, such as jewelry, so even your smallest scraps may be just the right size for their upcoming projects.

DIY Arts And Crafts

Whether you enjoy arts and crafts or are looking for something fun to do with the kids—aluminum art is an excellent activity. All you need is a mallet and a metal cutter to get started. Aluminum metal is sharp when cut, and creates slivers and shards, so you must be careful. Anodized aluminum can be harder to cut and shape, but its edges aren’t as sharp. From decorative metal frames and mats for your photos to intricate designs made from the smallest of scraps.

Accent Your Home

Before you donate or recycle your leftover aluminum, consider if there are any other ways you can use it to accent your home. This versatile metal can be used both indoors, and if anodized, outdoors, or even in your garden.

Simply look for other areas of your home that can be customized by adding metal detailing. From sheets to aluminum wire welding you have plenty of options for accenting your home.

Absolutely any kind of aluminum metal can be up-cycled or recycled. Allow the tips above to serve as inspiration.

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