Contributors to the Expansion of the Aluminum Composite Panels’ Sheet Industry

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Contributors to the Expansion of the ‘Aluminum Composite Panels’ Sheet Industry

The Aluminium Composite Panels (ACP) market is on the rise and is likely being propelled by the construction, transportation, automotive and advertising sectors. To comprehend the expected upsurge of this market in the years to come and its influence on various industries, it is essential to gain an understanding of it.

The pre-coated aluminum coil in Aluminum Composite Panels (ACP sheets) is bonded with various synthetic resins to a thermoplastic LDPE core, mineral core, or FR-grade core. Using non-toxic polyethylene core (PE) makes them an environmentally-friendly option. These panels are used in a range of applications, including building facades, signage, and insulation, as well as in aerospace engineering, metro coaches, and outdoor signs.

Different applications of aluminum panel sheets include interior decoration, hoarding, insulation, cladding, railway carriers, beam wraps and exterior facades, and more.

Notable developments in the ‘Aluminium Composite Panel’ market

ACPs are incredibly pliable, and as they can be recycled entirely, they solve many of the issues faced in modern construction. These panels meet all criteria for flexibility, affordability, and installation. As technology advances, these panels are becoming more and more effective in terms of fireproofing, ease of installation, and integrating features such as acrylic and HPL into aluminum panels.

ACP sheet material became a favourite among architects and designers two decades ago. Nowadays, the material is experiencing a surge in growth, especially in countries such as China, India, Brazil, and Russia, where significant investments are being made.

As per the current market trends, the ACP market is as follows:


  • Increased Requirement for Fire Resistant Boards


Shortly, the demand for aluminum composite panels with non-combustible cores is set to increase due to the focus of modern architecture being on fire safety. Several leading ACP producers provide fire-resistant or fire-retardant products to meet this need. Consequently, the fire-resistant sector is expected to expand and experience considerable growth to satisfy the construction industry’s requirements.


  • Increase in the need for LED or LCD screens


It is easy to see why renewable energy sources have become so popular in recent years. These power sources are sustainable and environmentally friendly, making them a desirable choice for many people. Additionally, the cost of utilizing renewable energy sources has decreased significantly, making them a very cost-effective option for many. As a result, it is no surprise that renewable energy sources are becoming increasingly prevalent in our society.

The billboard segment of out-of-home advertising has seen increasing demand due to its cost-effectiveness and ability to reach a larger audience.

The hospitality, e-commerce, FMCG, and BFSI industries require proper signage material due to their use of static and digital billboards. With their LED and LCD signage, ACP panels provide the perfect solution for brand promotion purposes.


  • Implementing Aluminum Composite Panels in the Automotive Sector


The utilization of data analytics has become an increasingly necessary tool in the realm of business. More companies are recognizing the importance of collecting and analyzing data to gain insight into their operations and make better decisions. As a result, data analytics has become a crucial component of successful business strategies.

As far as looks and performance are concerned, ACP Sheet plays a vital role in the automobile industry. It is utilized for soundproofing, cushioning, and even making vehicles, such as cars, bikes, and train coaches, look better. Additionally, it is known for its high thermal retention and fire resistance, which is why the automobile sector expects an increase in the need for ACP as a raw material.

India’s economy is the fastest-growing in the world, and the government has outlined a target of USD 376.5 billion in investment for 2023-2025. Several large-scale projects have been proposed to address the various construction issues, such as MNC buildings, museums, IT parks, hospitals, and theatres.

Don’t forget that aluminum panel sheet is an old presence in the Indian market that has superseded past cladding materials. Government initiatives, such as “MakeInIndia”, will likely lead to a growth in domestic ACP companies that will take care of the “skin of architecture” needs of contemporary structures.

The use of aluminum composite panels is anticipated to rise significantly in the upcoming years, especially in the construction of hyper-luxury hotels, futuristic mega-cities, resorts, hospitals, and housing towers. These thin panels are known to be highly resistant to weather and environmental changes, which is likely to propel the demand for modern architecture globally. The leading players in this sector are 3A Composites, VIVA, Arconic, and Qatar Composite Panels.


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