Stucco Embossed Aluminum Sheets

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Embossed aluminum

Aaluminum is proud to offer the largest selection of aluminum sheets found online. This selection goes far beyond raw aluminum sheets, to a long list of colored aluminum sheets, anodized aluminum sheets, and even stucco embossed aluminum sheets.

What Are Stucco Embossed Aluminum Sheets?

A stucco embossed finish is designed to have superior durability, reduce glare and reflectivity, and also to give aluminum a decorative finish. It is also a finish that can stand up to the elements without dulling or other signs of wear or tear. Embossing rollers are used to imprint a variety of different patterns, so all you need to do is select the one that you like best. While silver is the most popular choice for stucco embossed, colored varieties are available.

Cool Ways To Use Stucco Aluminum Sheets

We have a variety of aluminum sheets for sale, and our selection is always growing. When it comes to application for our stucco embossed sheets, the options are endless. A few ideas include:

  • Modern industrial flooring
  • Modern industrial interior and exterior siding
  • Modern industrial ceiling or roofing
  • Easy-clean elevator siding
  • Standout doors
  • Modern floorboards, panels, or truck bed
  • Kitchen backsplash

Endless Artistic Applications

While raw aluminum and anodized aluminum sheets have grown in popularity for arts and crafts, so have stucco sheets. Not every artist wants aluminum that needs to be self-imprinted, making these rolled sheets an excellent alternative. The sheets can be used as part of large installations, as a canvas, or can be cut down to a variety of shapes and sizes for endless artistic applications.

Another thing our clients love about stucco sheets, is that they are lightweight—with superior durability. We have multiple varieties of aluminum sheets for sale. If you aren’t sure which kind will work best for your upcoming project—give us a call, we are in Toronto, Ontario of Canada.

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