What happens to aluminum in space?

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What happens to aluminum in space?

In low orbit, aluminum and stainless steel create a protective oxide covering that will not corrode. However, silver and iron corrode rapidly in low orbit due to the lack of oxygen. Corrosion does not take place in deep space because of the lack of oxygen.

The materials exposed to outer space are subjected to vacuum, bombardment by ultraviolet and X-rays, and high-energy charged particles mostly electrons and protons from solar wind rather than moisture or oxygen.

Corrosion in space has a significant influence on spacecraft with moving parts. Seizing bearings was an issue for early satellites. Today’s bearings are now gold-plated.

In space, the various materials corrode in different ways. Atomic oxygen slowly destroys aluminum, while gold and platinum are highly resistant to corrosion. To protect the spacecraft from the harsh environment, gold-coated foils and thin layers of gold on exposed surfaces are employed.

Is it possible for aluminum to survive a space debris impact?

All it takes is a tiny piece of rubbish travelling at great speeds in space to produce an extremely terrible situation. Putting waste in space is not the best idea since it transforms almost everything into a high-velocity projectile that may do significant damage.

Unfortunately, Space is littered with debris, scrap, trash, and equipment that humans have abandoned in orbit. The ISS has identified around 500,000 of these tiny shards circling our planet at 15,000 miles per hour =  24140 kmph =  14.17 G force

SO, Is it possible for aluminum to survive?

Yes, and no, it is dependent on the purpose of aluminum used in space vehicles. Anodized Aluminum, on the other hand, is commonly utilized in satellite construction for its low weight-high strength and excellent machinability and formability.

A side note: Japanese space researchers are looking into the use of wooden components to reduce excess room junk. They’ve suggested that utilizing wood in space operations would destroy on re-entry to Earth’s atmosphere.

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