What is pure aluminum used for?

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Where is aluminum produced?

Pure aluminum is a metal with many uses. For example, it can be found in making foil and conductors for cables. Still, it’s also needed to provide higher strengths when creating other applications like armour plating on ships or planes because pure Al does not have enough strength without adding anything else into it.
Aluminum has a strength-to-weight ratio that makes it superior, even though steel is heavier.
In the realm of metals, aluminum is very versatile and cycles through many different applications.

The aluminum metal has 89% of the strength and is 34 percent lighter than steel but has similar corrosion resistance. In addition, it can be recycled for new products while maintaining its properties, making it environmentally friendly too!
Aluminum is used daily because this versatile material offers advantages like lightness, recyclability and formability.
It allows engineers to create innovative solutions when designing things such as planes; that need strong yet lightweight materials.

Of various products, aluminum is the most widely used metal after steel. Aluminum is found in many forms – including structural materials and thin packaging foils!

The report suggests that global demand for aluminum will increase by almost 40% in 2030.
As a result, the industry will need an additional 33.3 million tons of production capacity just because everyone wants more stuff made from this shiny metal!.

Worldwide consumption currently stands at 95 million tons, but we may soon reach 120-130 million tons with new projects coming online.

The aluminum industry is thriving, with two-thirds of its growth coming from China and the rest from India, North America and Europe.

Aluminum has been at the forefront of many industry innovations which have shaped our modern world.
It continues to provide us with sustainable power for years into coming decades!

The aluminum industry is expected to see strong demand in 2022, with the transport sector driving up 9.8% of total primary needs and packaging at 7%.

The economic and environmental benefits of recycled aluminum are compelling.

It requires 14,000 kWh to produce 1 tonne of new material, but only 5% of that is needed for remelting and recycling it back into aluminum. In addition, the quality remains equal between virgin or recycled aluminum–allowing them both to serve their purpose well within a cycle that never ends!

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