What state is aluminum at room temperature?

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What state is aluminum at room temperature

You might think aluminum only exists in one state at room temperature, but aluminum can exist in several different shapes, depending on its surroundings. Let’s take a closer look at the many forms of aluminum.

Solid State

When we think of aluminum, the first state that comes to mind is solid. Solid aluminum is the most common form of metal and can be found in everything from soda cans to airplane wings. Solid aluminum is strong and durable at room temperature, making it ideal for various uses.

Liquid State

While solid aluminum is the most common form of metal, liquid aluminum can also be found at room temperature under certain conditions. For example, pouring molten aluminum into a mould would quickly cool and solidify into a liquid state. However, if you were to simply leave a puddle of molten aluminum out in the open, it would eventually evaporate into a gas.

Gas State

Speaking of gas, did you know that aluminum can exist in gaseous form at room temperature? It’s true! If you were to heat aluminum foil until it reached its boiling point, it would transform into a gas. This gas is called aluminum vapour and can be used for various industrial applications.


Additional information:  Among all types of Aluminum foil has a bit of fascinating history

For instance, that aluminum foil developed initially for use in telecommunications? Or that it wasn’t until the early 20th century that it began to be used in the kitchen?


The history of aluminum foil is fascinating but also somewhat shrouded in mystery. The first known use of aluminum foil was in 1889 by Swiss confectioner Fritz Faivre. He used it to wrap his chocolates so they wouldn’t melt in the summer heat.


Other confectioners eventually picked up Faivre’s idea, and it soon became standard practice in the chocolate industry. In 1912, American historian Charles Cahill patented a process for making very thin aluminum sheets. This process made possible the mass production of aluminum foil.


The first large-scale use of aluminum foil came during World War II when it was used to protect plane parts from corrosion. After the war, aluminum foil began to be used in the kitchen for food packaging and storage. These days, it’s hard to imagine life without aluminum foil!


So what state is aluminum actually in at room temperature? Well, that’s a bit interesting. In addition to the above information, Aluminum is a metal that doesn’t behave like other metals at room temperature. For instance, iron will rust when air exposure but aluminum doesn’t. Scientists believe that this is because the surface of aluminum forms an oxide film that prevents further oxidation.


However, this film is so thin that it’s not visible to the naked eye. So while we may not be able to see it, something is going on with aluminum at room temperature!



As you can see, there’s more to aluminum than meets the eye! Who knew that this versatile metal could exist in so many different states? Whether it’s solid, liquid, or gas, chances are good that you’ve come into contact with aluminum in one form or another today.


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