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Aluminum is the most versatile metal it seen in use from kitchen to aircrafts. Its strength and protective nature makes it ideal for such a wide range of applications. It is tough, non-toxic, non-flammable and UV rays resistant which have made it an essential element in most industrial as well as domestic applications. Aluminum has high malleability which helps to convert it into thin aluminum sheets which we call aluminum foils. These Foils have a vast variety of uses in the pharmaceutical sector, cosmetics industry, packaging Industry, food and confectionery industry, air-conditioning, household purposes and many more applications.

Aluminum Foils are excellent barrier to moisture, vapor and gases. They prevent the passage of light as well as wanted odor. These also seal the heat and are also environmentally friendly, as they can be recycled and reused. Aluminum foils also find their use in artistic work and photography. Aluminum is most versatile product to work with. We have an entire gamut of aluminum foils for a variety of applications and that too at very low rates. Our experience in the industry helps us to get you cheap aluminum foils at the comfort of your home.

Aaluminum Sheet & Wire provides you best offers for high quality aluminum foils and other aluminum products. is a leading online store for all aluminum products which include aluminum foils, aluminum sheets, aluminum wires and aluminum coils. With us you can be sure of getting superior quality aluminum foils at most competitive rates. We have both printed and non-printed foils which are made of the different alloys of the aluminum based on the various applications. We also have laminated, anodized as well as colored aluminum foils. We bring to you what you want in case we are lacking somewhere you can notify us and we will surely try to bring that product on our board.