What is aluminum?

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What is aluminum?

Aluminum is a chemical element. It is represented by the symbol Al and has the atomic number 13.

Aluminum is less dense than other common metals and steel. Approximately 1/3 of steel. When exposed to air, it forms a protective layer of oxide on the surface.

Aluminum is a metal that looks like silver. It is very shiny and can reflect light.

It is soft, doesn’t have any magnets in it, and can be pulled into a wire.
Aluminum is the twelfth most common element in the Universe.

The third most abundant element on Earth, aluminum is found primarily in rocks.

It can also be present as a trace mineral and occurs together with other elements such as oxygen or silicon to create different types of minerals that make up much larger percentage weights than its own abundance would suggest!

When the discovery of aluminum was announced in 1825 by Danish physicist Hans Christian Ørsted, it wasn’t until much later that this metal would be used for anything more than just decorating coins and bars.

French chemist Henri Étienne Sainte-Claire Deville started industrial production with his process which he patented on May 8th, 1860 under number 3722B “for making sheet or foil from bauxite.”

Though aluminum is present in almost every living thing on Earth, no organism has been discovered that uses this metal as a metabolic fuel.

However, plants and animals tolerate it well enough to use for their needs without any adverse side effects or harm done to them by its consumption; maybe one day we’ll find out what kind of wonders could happen if our bodies were able to utilize these salts too!

Fun Fact: Aluminum has been used in Baby formula and in our vaccines. since the 1930s.

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