What is the process of recycling aluminum?

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What is the process of recycling aluminum?

Recycling aluminum can be tedious, but it’s worth doing.

Many people might think this sounds like not such a fun activity but believe me; it really isn’t!

The cans and other used aluminum products are usually put together by people and collected by companies that send them off for recycling.

The process starts at the cannery, where they’re cleaned up before being sent to a center that sorts through all of this material to find anything valuable like steel or copper inside each piece.

Center sorts them by size or form (such as beverage containers)  before crushing them into small pieces. These are then sorted again at a central facility for further processing, such as shredding, to ensure there’s no valuable material left behind.

After this stage, they are sent off to a smelting plant where they’ll be remelted, then ground up again into a fine powder or mesh-like material.

Aluminum is 100% recyclable.

Recycled aluminum or new aluminum has the same quality and properties.

The aluminum can be recycled endlessly, and it loses none of its quality during the process.

It’s incredible to think that 75 percent of the aluminum metal ever made is still in use today. However, people have been recycling aluminum for nearly 100 years, and it will likely continue to be a popular material because this process has so many advantages, not just environmental ones!

For Example,

Recycling in the West is often seen as a burden. Yet, it’s something we’re supposed to do, like going to the gym and eating healthy food.
This is an enormous difference in comparison with many developing countries, where recycling is a source of livelihood for thousands of people who would otherwise be unemployed.

Many countries have no recycling programs, and garbage is collected in huge containers/trucks and dumped outside major cities.
Tens of thousands of individuals go to these trash bins and depots daily to collect recyclable goods such as aluminum-contained items and sell them to nearby recycling facilities.

The impact of recycling aluminum on earth and the next generation is unmeasurable.

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