Benefits of Aluminum in Construction Industry

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why aluminum is strong

Aluminum offers unique benefits in the construction industry that other metals can’t come close to. Combining a seemingly unparalleled level of versatility and affordability, aluminum is also abundantly available, making it very cost-effective in building.

Aluminum is not available directly but is rather extracted from bauxite. Once processed, aluminum’s gone on to be developed into countless innovations and hundreds of unique products, ranging from soda cans to aircraft.

In the building and construction industry, aluminum alloys have been key to commercial and residential applications for over 100 years. Early on, one of its most famous uses was in the City of New York’s Empire State Building. When it was constructed, the Empire State Building was considered the first truly modern structure in New York to rely on aluminum. These days, the material’s used regularly as it’s one of the most energy-efficient and sustainable metals available.

Why aluminum’s perfect for construction.

There are many advantages to using aluminum in construction, including the metal’s strength-to-weight ratio. Aluminum can carry the strength of steel at a third of the weight. This evidently has numerous applications in office buildings, homes, and general construction. For example, aluminum can bear the weight of heavy glass spans, which is why it’s ideal for the construction of office buildings.

Another reason why aluminum is used in construction is because of its air-tightness. Cracks can occur in other materials used in window frames resulting in air leakage. This increases costs in heating and cooling. Unlike steel and wood, which deteriorate, aluminum won’t fail. This is a significant reason why when renovations are undergone to fix steel in commercial buildings, aluminum’s commonly used to replace it.

To this point, aluminum’s durability and high corrosion resistance are perfect for construction. One of the key benefits of aluminum in construction, anodized aluminum is long-lasting, ensuring maintenance costs are low. In tough weather, aluminum can generally withstand dry and humid climates and sans issues. Appearance-wise, aluminum also looks great, can be polished, and can take on any colour following being anodized. Overall, aluminum’s much easier to work with than steel and other materials, which are sometimes compared to it.

Eco-friendly, green, and 100% recyclable.

Aluminum meets the highest eco-friendliness standards, helping various construction projects achieve their Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) designation. Architects and builders love going to aluminum as it increases a project’s sustainability ratings. Aluminum’s high reflectivity also reflects heat and will save on cooling costs in the summertime. Any building’s carbon footprint can be impacted in a big way when aluminum’s used.

Also, it’s worth sharing that aluminum in construction is fully recyclable. Unlike other metals and materials, aluminum loses none of its properties as it’s recycled. In fact, energy consumption reduces by 90 percent overall between recycled aluminum and new aluminum. The metal is commonly selected to aid in refurbishing older buildings to help achieve energy-efficiency and sustainability ratings.

Modern construction wouldn’t be possible without aluminum. It’s become one of the most influential materials in the building and construction industry, delivering some truly awe-inspiring structures. Nothing beats aluminum in terms of strength, versatility, cost-effectiveness, functionality, aesthetic considerations, and environmental ratings. It continues to grow in popularity in the construction industry, as aluminum alloys are regularly relied on for all sorts of building purposes.

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