Why You Should Choose Aluminum Products

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Why You Should Choose Aluminum Products

Aluminum is a highly valued and requested material, used across hundreds of products, including some of which we use daily here in North America. Aluminum is one of the most diverse metals there is, used in our homes, transportation, and in an endless array of industries.

Some of the areas where aluminum is used most frequently include commercial lighting, health and fitness, kayaks and boats, the manufacturing of guns, vending machines, heating and cooling refrigeration units, display signs and partitions, doors and windows framing, and the medical industry.

Characteristics of aluminum make it so that it is one of the top requested materials for products and industries requiring corrosion resistance, low density, adaptability, electrical conductivity, and/or a high-strength alloy.

The manufacturing of aluminum is done with an oxide coating on its surface that acts as a protectant and a non-destructive. Aluminum has natural corrosion resistance, a primary reason why it’s used in the packaging of soda cans, foil wrapping, and bottle tops. Aluminum’s safety helps to protect food and drinks from changes which could be harmful if consumed.

Another reason why aluminum is the perfect product because it is impermeable, non-toxic, and odourless. This is, again, why it’s ideal for packaging food or beverages. You won’t taste it or smell it, and it won’t have any negative health consequences – unlike is the case with many types of plastics.

Aluminum is very resistant to corrosion which is why it’s a go-to metal in the building and construction industries. Maintenance or a future requirement of replacement may be required with other metals. Aluminum is a metal you can count on for long shelf life and with a performance which doesn’t quit.

A big reason why aluminum is chosen over steel is because of how lightweight it is. In fact, aluminum is only about a third of the weight of stainless steel or copper while still delivering the same impressive performance. The low weight has made aluminum a recommended metal in transportation, helping with fuel efficiency and reducing overall costs. Regarding its weight, aluminum’s also proposed in long-distance power lines. To this point, another reason why aluminum is used in power lines is that it has a high rating of electrical conductivity.

Aluminum transmits conducted heat and reflects radiant heat, another example of how diverse a material this popular metal is. Regarding its relationship with heat, this is why aluminum is commonly applied in the manufacturing of kitchen utensils with exposure to heat, as well as radiators and building insulation.

Lastly, as if all that wasn’t enough of a reason to justify aluminum as a preferred manufacturing product, in its pure form, it is also soft enough to carve and shape when heat treated. Comparatively, when mixed with other alloys, aluminum provides the strength of steel at only a third of its weight of it. Aluminum’s a fully recyclable product, making it one of the most eco-friendly products out there.

For all these reasons, aluminum has carved out quite a reputation for itself. It’s used in all types of design and manufacturing, ranging from the largest aircraft to smartphones and similar devices small enough to fit in our hands. There’s no material as reliable, adaptable, or delivers performance as aluminum can.

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